About MobiKite:

MobiKite is all about genuine mobile marketing services. We are unique and we don’t follow the crowd. We are committed to creating new approaches to mobile marketing that benefit the businesses we serve. We are agency-centric, creating a true private label environment for marketing partnerships that will consistently deliver results!

Mobile is omnipresent and MobiKite provides the platforms and tools that allow any business to connect with their customers in this critical space. Mobile marketing is changing the way businesses interact with customers and those that do not see and act on this reality will forfeit business to their competitors in droves.

The adoption rate of mobile is twice that of the Internet, three times that of social media, and 10 times faster than PCs. MobiKite understands this and our initial Mobile Marketing Platform will provide the path for rapid mobile marketing engagement for any business. Future deployments will continue to challenge creative thought and mobile strategy that will result in unique product sets and new opportunities for our marketing partners.

For consumers, mobile is the environment of choice and business owners will need to embrace this fact and adapt new methods for engaging clients in this space. Today, MobiKite’s Mobile Marketing Platform represents the starting point for agencies, business owners, and marketers looking to participate in the new reality that is mobile. MobiKite’s team has already initiated the next phase of mobile marketing service development and will continue to deliver innovative solutions based on consumer behavior and marketing personalization.

Our Mission:

MobiKite is focused on more than mobile marketing innovation and impactful technology solutions. We are about relationship building and long term partnerships. Honesty, integrity and good-faith engagements will always serve as the foundation or our business and roadmap to our success. MobiKite will exemplify the pursuit of excellence but never at the expense of unethical business practices.